Denver police ID a man suspected in a wild series of car thefts and crashes in Aurora, Denver

Adam Manlove arrested in Boulder

AURORA, Colo. - Police have identified a 35-year-old man arrested in a wild string of car thefts and crashes in Denver and Aurora Monday morning.

Boulder police say Adam Benjamin Manlove was finally arrested about 9:30 a.m. outside the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder after security guards reported a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot.

When police contacted Manlove, he volunteered that he'd been involved in several car crashes and officers linked him to the earlier car thefts. 

Aurora police first got a call at about 6:45 a.m. reporting a silver Mazda was stolen from a Conoco station at East Smoky Hill Road and South Picadilly Street in Aurora. The victim was putting air in the tires when a man stole the car.

The suspect  was driving the stolen car the wrong way down South Tower Road when it crashed into another car at East Evans Avenue, Aurora police confirmed.

The wrong-way driver got out and tried to steal another passing vehicle, but he ended up running off on foot, Aurora police said.

John Nieves, who lives about six miles from that crash, said he heard noise in the kitchen and found a panicked stranger standing in his kitchen.

"I asked what he was doing here and he told me he was being chased. And I told him, 'You need to leave the house,'" Nieves said.

The intruder actually apologized.

"He goes, 'I'm sorry sir.' He even called me sir," Nieves said. "He apologized and walked back out. It's crazy."

The suspect's next vehicle came from the same neighborhood.  Jordan Colabello, a tow truck driver for Xpress Towing, said he was doing some paperwork when the suspect opened a door.

"The guy grabbed me by my collar and threw me on the ground," he said. "I had a ticket book in my hand and I threw it at him but it didn't affect him.

"He had blood on his face, he just looked really desperate, like he wanted to get out of here fast," Colabello said.

The suspect then crashed the tow truck into a white Nissan and a PT Cruiser near Yosemite Street and East Lowry Boulevard in Denver.

"I was driving to work and I noticed that there was a huge tow truck that was all over the road and swerving between lanes," said Katie Winberg, who was driving the Nissan. "When I got to the intersection of Lowry and Yosemite, apparently he tried to squeeze between me and another car. He ran over my car, ran over (the nother driver's) car.  Luckily, none of us were hurt."

Witness Ainsley Thrailkill told 7NEWS the tow truck was involved in an accident at Sixth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard. Thrailkill said the truck ran a red light at the intersection heading west. The tow truck then backed up, hitting a sedan in the far west lane of southbound Colorado Boulevard.

According to Thrailkill, the tow truck pushed that car into a Kia SUV in the lane next to it before turning around and heading south on Colorado Boulevard.

The suspect also rear-ended a blue Honda at West Colfax Avenue and Perry Street in Denver, pushing the car into a Dodge Ram truck, according to officers.

A man in a gray Nissan Pathfinder got out to look at the accident and the suspect jumped into his SUV and took off, police said.

Denver police believe the same man was involved in all the crashes, according to spokesman John White.

A Denver officer at the scene of a crash at Speer Boulevard and Downing Street told 7NEWS Photojournalist Eric Goody the suspect also hit a car at Speer and University.  He continued on Downing before he backed up and rammed a parked Mercedes.

The officer said the suspect made a U-turn, drove across a lawn, got back on Speer and reportedly caused a crash at Speer and Lincoln.

Denver police tweeted at 8:40 a.m. that they believed the suspect may be in Lakewood.  But after Lakewood police searched a specific location and didn't find anything, police spokesman Steve Davis said there was no reason to believe the suspect is or was in Lakewood.

See the map below for locations where the crashes were reported. If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, click here:


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