Woman 'tags' home with message to her bank 'JPMorgan Chase is stealing this home'

AURORA, Colo. - A frustrated Aurora homeowner spray-painted a message to her lender on her garage door after a 21 month foreclosure battle with her bank.

Michelle Hansen sprayed this message to her bank and its CEO on her garage Monday:

"Jamie Dimon & JPMorgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase is stealing this home. Ignores homeowner for 21 months!! I will not violate federal law on your behalf as a condition of communication from you! Call me. Chase Me!! (heart) you."

Hansen told 7NEWS she contacted her bank in May 2011 to notify them she would be delinquent on her mortgage payment. She was told they would work with her on a loan modification.

Two months later, she said, they refused to work with her or take her money.

"You're told we need A, B and C so you give them A, B and C and then, 'No we need this and then we'll talk to you.' So you did it and they keep lying," Hansen said.

Hansen's lawyer Keith Gantenbein said he has hundreds of similar cases. He blames it on Colorado's foreclosure practice, which he said "is very one-sided for lenders."

Gantenbein said 20 percent of homes in Colorado are 'underwater,' and many of those homeowners don't know what to do.

"There isn't a lot of due process protections for borrowers to say hey I don't feel like I'm being treated fairly," Gantenbein said.

As for Hansen, she said her message was her last resort.

"Doing this and making it personal, writing to Jaime Dimon was hard," she said. "I never wanted to pick a fight with the bank, but you can make a choice. You can make a choice to stand up for what you believe in."

7NEWS reached out to media representatives of JPMorgan Chase, who supplied this written statement:

"Chase does not own this mortgage, but services it on behalf of its investor Fannie Mae and must follow all investor guidelines."

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