Woman steals $1,399 Yorkshire terrier from Littleton pet store

Perfect Pets offers reward for dog's safe return

LITTLETON, Colo. - Perfect Pets in the Southwest Plaza Mall is asking for help identifying a woman who allegedly stole a Yorkshire terrier puppy from the store on Sunday.

Surveillance video shows a woman in her mid-20’s, with shoulder-length brown hair, removing the six-month-old puppy from a playpen. She then paces in an aisle while holding the dog before walking out with the puppy in her arms. A witness believes the suspect left the mall in a blue sports car.

“I’m shocked, frustrated and concerned for the puppy,” said Rose Larsen, the store’s manager. “I mean, if someone steals a puppy, they probably don't have the money to pay for the dog -- but also, to take care of the dog.”

The dog is a black and tan Yorkshire terrier weighing approximately three pounds, with a short coat that was recently groomed. Perfect Pets had priced the dog at $1,399.

“To have the audacity to steal a live animal, that just blows my mind. It really bothers me,” Larsen said. “Clearly they don't seem to care about the animal too much.”

Anyone with information about this alleged theft is encouraged to contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

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