Woman hit by Speer Boulevard bridge debris is improving

DENVER - The female driver hit by flying bridge debris on Monday is out of the hospital.

The woman still has head injuries, but is doing OK, according to her mother. The mother asked that 7NEWS not use the victim's name.

The mother did tell 7NEWS her daughter, who was driving a Blue Scion, is expected to make a full recovery.

Monday, a metal container on a truck hit one of the Speer Boulevard bridges over southbound Interstate 25. Steel reinforcement bars and concrete fell off the bridge and hit at least one car.

Deb Hulting was driving behind the Blue Scion when she suddenly saw the falling debris.

“I thought it was snow,” Hulting told 7NEWS.

Then Hulting saw the Scion veer off into the concrete median.

Hulting said there was a man, a woman and two children in the Scion.

“The driver was hurt pretty bad,” she said. “There were two kids in the car. I told them they could sit in my car to keep warm.”

The victim's mother told 7NEWS she's grateful that other motorists stopped to help, especially Hulting who let the two children stay in her car to keep warm.

The truck driver who hit the bridge was cited with careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the truck driver failed to heed a sign posted a few mile from the bridge that warns all commercial traffic to use center lanes, which provide a higher clearance for big rigs passing under the bridge.

Instead the trucker used the far left lane and the metal container it was hauling struck the underside of the 13-foot-tall bridge, causing concrete and rebar to rain down onto the roadway and the Scion.

 "If the truck had been in the center lane, it likely would have cleared the bridge," said CDOT spokeswoman Mindy Crane

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