Woman to meet face-to-face with drunken driver who slammed into her home, injuring her

Maria Gordon says her faith is fueling forgiveness

DENVER - A Denver woman is making a strong recovery after a drunken driving accident 10 months ago.

Maria Gordon was at her home on West Ohio Avenue on June 9, 2013 when a Hummer slammed into the bedroom where she was sleeping.   The driver was drunk, according to prosecutors.

Gordon was hospitalized and required extensive hospital care.

"I'm healing and doing much better," said Gordon. "I didn't recognize myself in the pictures on the news."
While she's making a comeback, the house she shared with her husband is gone. The house was torn down after structural concerns.  The couple has been dealing with delays, waiting for a construction crew to finish the project.

"There's a pit here because a drunk driver drove into our house here," said Joseph Gordon.

Yet with so much lost, Maria Gordon's faith is fueling forgiveness.

On Friday, she is choosing to meet face-to-face with Jesse Ulibarri -- the man behind the wheel who pleaded guilty.

"The moment I woke up from the accident, I had absolutely no negative feelings about Mr. Ulibarri," said Maria Gordon.

Ulibarri will be sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to felony vehicular assault, as well as DUI and third-degree assault, said a district attorney spokeswoman.
"I'm hoping that he knows I forgive him.  And I hope he knows he can forgive himself.  Through his forgiveness of himself, he'll be able to heal.  If he heals he won't repeat this problem."

As far as a sentence, she's leaving it up to the judge.
"It's not going to be a lifelong sentence, but it could be a lifelong change," she said.

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