Woman charged in connection with murders of mother and daughter in Weld County

WELD COUNTY, Colo. - A woman has been charged in connection with the murders of a mother and her daughter in Weld County.

Rosanne Odonnell was charged and arrested on two counts of accessory to a crime in connection with the murder of Alisha Johns and Sheri Pachello, according to the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

The primary suspect, 37-year-old Cimmeron Johns, died after shooting himself in the chest during a standoff with SWAT officers on Saturday, the Thornton Police Department said.

Officers surrounded the apartment after a daylong manhunt for Johns and exchanged gunfire with him.

The bodies of Alisha Johns, 36, and Pachello, 56, were found south of Frederick last Friday.

Investigators believe Johns kidnapped the women after his estranged wife Alisha Johns went to visit him at his home in Frederick and her mother went to pick her up.

Odonnell was scheduled to appear via video for a bond hearing on Thursday.

The arrest warrant affidavit is sealed and the D.A.'s office said no further information will be released.

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