Motel guests hear gunshots, find man shot in face lying in hall doorway

Victim's sister says the family wants justice

DENVER - Denver police are looking for a woman who shot a man in the face at a motel on Vasquez Boulevard near I-70.

Witnesses tell 7NEWS they heard 2 or 3 gunshots.

“My dog started going crazy after hearing the shots,” said Victoria Mishenko, who was watching TV with her family just a few doors down.

Mishenko says her mom went out into the hallway and saw a man lying in the doorway of a room a few feet away.

“She grabbed a towel and went over to help him,” Mishenko said. “He was in a daze. He didn’t know if he’d been stabbed or if he’d been shot.”

"It was really scary," said Kaja Hurtado, who also heard the gunfire. "I was shaking a lot. I'm still shaking."

The victim’s sister, Sheitica Boulden, told 7NEWS that her brother had been shot twice.

“He’s in surgery now,” she said. “He’s going to be O.K.”

When asked if her brother lived in the motel, Boulden said, “No, but we rent rooms there once in a while.”

Boulden says she doesn’t know why her brother was at the motel or why he was shot.

“All we know is that he was in a room and he was with someone,” she said.

Boulden added that her family wants justice.

“He’s my brother. I love him,” she said. “That’s all we want. We just want justice for what happened.”

Police say the shooting appears to be an isolated incident and not random.

When asked about a motive, Technician Raquel Lopez of the Denver Police Department replied, “Unfortunately, it’s an active investigation.  So we don’t have the motive at this time.”

Motel guests say they’re anxious to learn why the shooting occurred.

“We don’t know what happened,” Hurtado said. “We’re just like, what kind of people do this?”

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