Who swiped the noodles from $8,000 fork sculpture in Greeley?

GREELEY, Colo. - Maybe the thief had the munchies.

Greeley's Downtown Development Authority is trying to figure out who took the faux noodles off a large sculpture of a fork on display downtown.

The Greeley Tribune reports the noodles disappeared sometime between Greeley's FridayFest and a downtown event on Saturday. The artificial noodles covered four tines on the super-sized fork.

The sculpture, called "Say Cheese," is on loan, which means artist Justin Deister still owns it. Greeley's public art coordinator Kim Snyder says the sculpture is valued at $8,000, and the city must pay for damage done to it while on loan.

"I'm guessing late night alcohol was a factor," Alison Hamling of  Greeley’s Downtown Development Authority told the newspaper. "It’s humorous in a way, but it is a serious crime," she added.

Police Lt. Carl Alm says police have launched an investigation.

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