When will we see snow in the Denver area? Anytime is possible but not 'likely' not until October

DENVER - Snow is starting to paint the high peaks in Colorado prompting many to ask -- when will we get snow in the Denver metro area?

The earliest date of the first measurable snowfall in Denver for a winter season was September 3, back in 1961. The latest date we've ever seen the first measurable snow was November 21 in 1934.

So when do we "normally" see the first snow fall?

The average date is October 19.

In the last ten years, the first measurable snow has hit between October 5 and November 15.

By the way, while we're talking snow -- the last time we had measurable snow on the ground in Denver this year was May 2.

And if you thought last winter was snowy, you were right. Denver got 78.4 inches of snow during the winter of 2012-2013. That's the most in the last ten years and higher than normal. We average 57.5 inches of snow each year.

If you don't want to give up your garden yet, you should know the average date of the first freeze is October 7, but in 1944, that first freeze didn't hit until November 15.

Thank you to the National Weather Service for these interesting facts. Read more: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/bou/?n=snowstat

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