What officers say needs to happen if you suspect a police impersonator has pulled you over

DENVER - With police impersonation incidents being reported around the Denver metro area in recent weeks, officers are stressing the importance of calling 911 for assistance.

Authorities say a woman was pulled over by a police impersonator in Sheridan Wednesday, and another faux cop tried to assault a woman in Aurora after pulling her over on March 31, among other similar incidents.

Unmarked police vehicles are used by the Aurora Police Department and other law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Colorado.

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you are being stopped by one and are not certain whether it is an actual police officer, Aurora Police recommend that you slow down, move to the right, turn on your turn signal, and pull into a well-lighted, populated parking lot.

Police say you should call 911 to determine whether or not an actual law enforcement officer has stopped you. All Aurora Police officers are required to carry their badge and identification card while on-duty.

"If you suspect you are being stopped by a person impersonating a police officer, please dial 911 and drive carefully to a place of safety. If there is any question about a document issued to you by a law enforcement officer, contact the issuing agency to confirm its legitimacy," Officer Matt Johnson with Fort Collins Police said in a news release.

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