Volunteers help clean up Little Thompson River flood debris

BERTHOUD, Colo. - This weekend's warm-up means snow melt and that could cause more problems for the areas hardest hit from the September floods.

A spot along the Little Thompson River near Berthoud is one of many that volunteers have been trying to clean up.

It was just this month that volunteers could get close enough, because all the sand finally dried out. Volunteers are removing tons of debris, hoping to clear away anything that can be carried down stream in case of another flood.

But not all the debris is considered junk.

"We can actually use large trees to make stream banks stronger. Save the good stuff and get rid of the bad stuff," said Gordon Gilstrap, of the Little Thompson Watershed Restoration Coalition.

Since January, more than 500 volunteers have spent at least 20,000 hours cleaning up all along the 64-miles of river.

They still need help! The next cleanup is set for May 17,  at 83rd Street in Boulder.  You can sign up at this link:  www.ltwrc.org

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