Video shows incredible devastation in Jamestown, Colorado

Town cut off on both sides.

JAMESTOWN, Colo. - A Denver Post photographer was able to shoot video of Jamestown, Colo., cut off by floodwaters on all sides.

Most of the residents of Jamestown have been evacuated by helicopters but a few residents, including Mayor Tara Schoedinger, remain.

The video shows James Creek roaring through the small mountain hamlet northwest of Boulder, Colo., effectively cutting it in half.

Both access roads to the community have been washed out.

"We're up here until we can meet face-to-face with a FEMA representative to start the recovery process," Mayor Schoedinger said in the video.

The mayor showed a rubble-covered open lot where smaller helicopters have been able to land.  She said the larger helicopters don't have enough room to land there.  About 300 residents from Jamestown and the surrounding area have been ferried out by helicopter.

Also shown in the video was a pulley system that local residents rigged across James Creek that is used to move food and medicine across the creek to residents on the other side.

The video also shows several homes knocked off their foundations by the rushing water that carried rocks and mud into the town on Wednesday night.

At least one person is presumed to have died in the flooding in Jamestown.   The victim was identified by locals residents as Joey Howlett, 72, the former owner of the Jamestown Mercantile Cafe.

Denver Post video by Mahala Gaylord:

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