Videogame store clerks help stop robber

DENVER - All that quick thinking and fast action in videogames may have helped two videogame store clerks stop a would-be robber.

Robert Aragon and Tom Ward were working Sunday at a videogame store in Denver when they recognized a man who walked in and tried to rob them. They thought he was the same guy that stole video games from them last week, and they weren't getting robbed a second time.

"He walks up to the cash register and he's like, 'One last question guys, I need you to empty the register,'" Aragon told 7NEWS.

"I told him no and to get out of here," Ward said. " And he asked 'If we were cool' and I said no man. You just tried to rob us," Ward said.

The man, later identified by police as Danzel Truesdale, 19, left empty-handed, but Aragon and Ward weren't done. The clerks quickly got the would-be robber's license plate and called 911.

When Denver police officers saw the suspect's SUV, they gave chase, and the driver crashed.

"He took off and he t-boned another car in the midst of pursuit," said Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Officers arrested Truesdale and the victim in that crash.

"The strange irony is that the guy he t-boned had meth on him, so we arrested him as well," Jackson said.

What the videogame store clerk didn't know is police think the Truesdale was on a crime spree.

Police said the man had robbed a Bradley gas station before the videogame store. And police believe the robber hit the Rita's Records around the corner after the video game store.

"He must have been boom, boom, boom, moved through to each business," Jackson said.

Police said the Truesdale had a gun with him.

"I'm glad I didn't know that or I probably would have freaked out like a little girl," Aragon said.

"This is the most exciting Sunday since I started working here," Ward said.

Truesdale's photo was not released, because police believe he may be involved in other robberies and they want to talk to witnesses to those crimes first.

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