Veterinarian Fran Freemyer of Greeley accused of treating humans without a license

GREELEY, Colo. - A patient had to have two toes amputated after being treated by a veterinarian instead of a medical doctor, Greeley police said.

Detectives ticketed Fran Freemyer, DVM, on Wednesday for allegedly practicing medicine on humans without a license.

A patient who claimed to have been treated by Freemyer went to Northern Colorado Medical Center in late June. Doctors said the patient required surgery to remove two toes due to the lack of proper medical care.

Freemyer told 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost that he denies the charges.

"No I don't treat people … I treat dogs and cats and cows and horses and fish and snakes and all of those things -- anything that comes in the door, except people," he said. 

But in a police report obtained by 7NEWS, Freemyer admitted to treating a man with sore toes. The man told detectives he was referred to the veterinarian and Freemyer was "very energetic about his confidence in his ability to fix the foot."

Freemyer told Kost he applied Dermex ointment to a Jack Russel Terrier for the dog's cancer. He said the owner took excess ointment off her dog and saved some of it to give to her neighbor, who had problems with his foot.

Freemyer said the neighbor subsequently came to see him. He claimed to have given the man plastic to wrap his foot in.

Police said the victim had to have his toes amputated because the original infection had reached the bone.

After their investigation, detectives cited Freemyer for unauthorized practices.  The Colorado Dept. of Regulatory Agengies has also launched an investigation.

Detectives said they believe others may have been treated by Freemyer, too. They are asking anyone treated by Freemyer to contact Detective Mike Heck at 970-350-9617.

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