Vandals hit Denver Buddhist temple

Broken bricks, stolen statue at KMC Colorado

DENVER - Vandals targeted a Buddhist meditation center in Denver, breaking brick walls and stealing a statue overnight Thursday.

"In Buddhism, we learn the lesson of impermanence," said Steven Roussel, a student and resident at KMC Colorado, 1081 Marion St.. "Things go away all the time from us." 

Students at the center said they heard the noise overnight Thursday, but didn't realize the damage until the next morning.
"One of the other residents texted me and said, 'Are you doing remodeling?' and I said 'No!'" said Kate Franklin, a resident and student.
Franklin pointed out that It appears the vandals used tools to pry off the massive concrete slabs and break the breaks that held them up on the front porch.
"They knocked over the stonework, I guess, to snap the lions off," said Franklin.
The vandals stole one of the two, 60-pound lion statues, which have been on the house for generations.
"This house was built in the early 1900's," said Roussel. "They've been there a long time."
"It probably was a prank or a dare, but it's just very expensive to fix, " said Franklin.
Franklin said they have reported the crime to police and contacted their insurance company.
These Buddhists, though, practice what they preach.
"We're not going to get angry about it," said Franklin. "Buddhists, when they see negative things happening, they tend to think, 'It's something in the past that I created that now I need to experience.'" 
If it's a kind of purification for them, for the people who did it... well, no one wants that karma.
"The temple is dedicated to benefit from all living beings in the world," said Roussel, "So, it's not just stealing from us, they stole from every living being."
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