Vandals damage computer lab at Englewood High School early Sunday morning

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - Vandals damaged a computer lab and band room at Englewood High School early Sunday morning, forcing the school to cancel classes on Monday.

An alarm went off when they broke into the lab at about 1:40 a.m., said Kevin Sage with the Englewood Police Department.

"There was thousands of dollars of damage done to the computers and to the room," Sage stated.

Crews also inspected the band room and found the vandals had attempted to set fires. The sprinkler system put those fires out, Sage said.  The water further damaged the band room and nearby stage.

For band booster president, Tom Mansbacher, this is personal.

"We were really angry because we've worked so hard to build it up.  We're working to get a new orchestra, raising funds for the band and hearing this is upsetting," Mansbacher said.

Mansbacher came to the school with his wife shortly after hearing the news.

"We're so anxious to get back in there and help clean up and do whatever we can to help the school.  It's really important for our children, it's really important to us," Mansbacher said.

The school is currently undergoing renovations.  It's unclear if this provided easy access to the building.

"I honestly don't know who would do this, everybody loves the new school and is really proud of it.  I don't know why they'd try to vandalize it," Sophomore Alicia Maze said.

Police are reviewing surveillance video but said they are looking for three men, possibly in their early 20s.

The crime is still under investigation.

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