Vandalism of fork sculpture inspires 'Naked Fork Food Drive' at Greeley's Friday Fest

Officials to thief: You're on tape

GREELEY, Colo. - The vandalism of fork sculpture has inspired Greeley's Downtown Redevelopment Authority (GDRA) to start the 'Naked Fork Food Drive.'

Investigators are working to figure out who took the faux noodles off the sculpture valued at $8,000. The artificial noodles that covered four tines on the super-sized fork were stolen some time between late Friday night and early Saturday morning.

"We'd like to turn this into a positive if we can. Please bring some non-perishable food items or a monetary donation to #FridayFest this week for our first (and only?) "Naked Fork Food Drive. this got us to thinking that there are people with no food on their forks. Maybe we can help a little," the group said in a statement posted on the Downtown Greeley Facebook page.

The sculpture, called "Say Cheese," is on loan, which means artist Justin Deister still owns it. Greeley's public art coordinator Kim Snyder says the sculpture is valued at $8,000 and the city must pay for damage done to it while on loan.

Over the weekend, the GRDA posted this message on Facebook, "We don't expect drunken sots at 2am to be able to READ the signs all over the plaza that explain you are under video surveillance, but you are. So we are sure you thought you were very cool defacing a piece of public art, but it will also be very bad for your record when we turn the video over to police. So how about you return those "noodles" by end of day Monday and just pay for damages instead?"

"I'm guessing late night alcohol was a factor," Alison Hamling of Greeley’s GDRA told the newspaper. "It’s humorous in a way, but it is a serious crime," she added.

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