University of Colorado QB Jordan Webb, ex-lineman Alexander Lewis charged with assault

BOULDER, Colo. - Two college football players accused of knocking a man unconscious in a weekend brawl have been officially charged with second-degree assault.

University of Colorado quarterback Jordan Webb and former offensive lineman Alexander Lewis appeared in court Wednesday but waived a formal advisement of charges.

Witnesses told police that 22-year-old Lee Bussey was knocked unconscious early Saturday when Lewis shoved his head into a brick wall. Lewis and Webb allegedly pushed him to the ground and punched him.

"I think that when the matter is fully investigated, it will be proven that Mr. Webb's role in this was non-criminal," Webb's defense attorney Lou Rubino said.

"Based on the limited reports I've read, there are witness accounts that say that Mr. Webb's participation was criminal," a prosecutor said.

Lewis announced Friday that he planned to transfer to Nebraska and his lawyer initially said Lewis was wearing Cornhuskers attire at the time of the fight. However, lawyer Donald Brenner now says he wasn't.

He said Lewis' status with Nebraska is up in the air and will depend on the outcome of the case.

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