Two pot-friendly events bringing tourists to Colorado for 420 rally, first annual U.S. Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Cup normally held in Amsterdam

DENVER - Two large pot-based events are expected to attract tourists to Colorado this week.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Denver 420 Rally will be held at Civic Center Park. The High Times Cannabis Cup will hold events Friday through Sunday at EXDO near downtown.

Last year, thousands filled Civic Center Park for the annual marijuana rally. With the passage of Amendment 64, organizers are expecting crowds from across the country.

"From Minnesota, Arizona, Los Angeles, Virginia, D.C., New York, Atlanta, Kansas," said Denver 420 Rally chief organizer Miguel Lopez.

7NEWS found a Denver 420 Rally Facebook page with an informal poll showing more interest from people coming from out of state.

At last year's event, Denver police officers mainly took a watch-and-wait approach.

"The intention is not to start a melee for a pretty minor offense," Denver Police Commander Tony Lopez said last April.

"The police have been very clear that anybody engaging with children in marijuana, lighters (or) papers is subject to arrest for child endangerment," said Miguel Lopez.

Amendment 64 allows someone 21 years of age or older to possess an ounce or less of marijuana. It's still not legal to buy or sell. State lawmakers have yet to finalize those regulations.

Also in Denver, the U.S. Cannabis Cup is being held in the United States for the first time. The event is normally held in Amsterdam. It's essentially a marijuana convention, with concerts, classes and awards for best pot.

Unless it's grown by the entrant and is within the restrictions of Amendment 64, it could come under scrutiny from authorities. Amendment 64 does not address the transport of marijuana across state lines.

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