Loved ones urge roommate of missing Wheat Ridge woman to talk with police and help find Annie Meyer

Roommate, Melissa Miller, won't talk to police

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Loved ones of a missing Wheat Ridge woman are urging her roommate to talk with police and help them find Leann "Annie" Meyer.

Wheat Ridge police say the roommate, Melissa Miller, has spoken briefly by phone with them, but she's refused to talk face-to-face with investigators. The roommate has also hired an attorney.

Miller's family told 7NEWS she was going to take a private lie-detector test on Thursday to prove she's told police the truth about Meyer's disappearance. 7NEWS couldn't reach Miller or her family to confirm whether she took the polygraph test.

Meyer's loved ones are frustrated and confused about why the roommate won't come forward.

"It just doesn't make sense," Meyer's brother, Mark Meyer, told 7NEWS. "If you're a roommate with somebody and you're a friend of somebody and you don't give information, that's not right."

Meyer's friend, Luann Joecken, made a passionate plea: "Melissa, just come and talk to the police. We need to find Annie."

Meanwhile, police say Meyer's two missing vehicles have been found. But her cell phone, iPad and computer are missing.

Meyer hasn't been seen in more than a month.

Meyer's Rav4 was found about 10 p.m. on Wednesday on Marshall Street near 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge. Police said they got a tip about the vehicle from a citizen. The Rav4 was found one mile from Meyer's Wheat Ridge home.

Paula Burg reported the RAV4, which was parked across the street from her house, and told 7NEWS the vehicle had been in that location for about a week-and-a-half.

"I noticed it because as I would back out of my driveway, I would have to turn sooner to avoid hitting it," said Burg. "We had snow storm what about a week ago, and the snow piled up on it. I could tell nobody had been around it. It wasn’t cleaned off, so that struck me as kind of strange."

Burg said she saw a news story Wednesday night about a Meyer's truck being found, and something clicked.
"It was actually my son. He said, 'You know that car sitting out there? It could be that missing lady’s, and we need to call the police,' " said Burg.
She called police Wednesday night and told them about it.

Meyer's 1995 silver Toyota pickup was found seven hours earlier in a parking lot in the area of West 72nd Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard after police received a tip. Police found the pickup in a parking lot about three miles from Meyer's home, in the opposite direction from where the Rav4 was found.

"I think it’s great news that we found both vehicles," said Meyer's brother, Mark Meyer. "I would love to see some details happen today on the car inspections. There’s nothing more important to me than finding Annie."

The SUV and truck have been impounded. Detectives said they plan to search the vehicles for evidence.

"We are doing a forensic evaluation, after we get a warrant," said Cmdr. Dave Pickett, with the Wheat Ridge Police Department after finding the first vehicle Wednesday. "There isn’t anything obvious that will lead us to where Leanne Meyer is, but we’re going to take a lot of care in the evaluation of the vehicle."

Also Wednesday, Detectives served a search warrant at US Bank in Downtown Denver, where Annie works.

"We're looking for travel plans, emails, anything that could tell us what was going on in Meyer's life," said Pickett.

As for the roommate's plan to take a private lie-detector test, Aya Gruber, a CU Law professor, told 7NEWS it's common for potential suspects in a crime to take a polygraph. The most famous example is JonBenet Ramsey's parents.

"If it shows her to be truthful, she can then go to police and go to the prosecutor and say, 'I'm not a person you should be charging or suspecting of this crime," said Gruber.

On Tuesday, police executed a search warrant to look for more forensic evidence at the home Meyer shares with a roommate. Pickett said it was the first time they'd done a forensic search. He said it means they are looking for any "invisible evidence."

Pickett also said the search included a blood hound that could smell if a body was ever in the home.

Police now say Feb. 7 was the last day anyone saw 51-year-old Meyer in person.  She left work early, saying she was sick.

Three days later, she spoke on the phone with her mother, and that was her last confirmed phone call.

Police said there was a flood of text messages sent from Meyer's cell phone over the next two weeks, but investigators say they have reason to believe those messages did not all come from Annie.

"She communicated through text message, but only through text message," said Cmdr. Pickett. "And during that period of time, it was her only form of communication."

Friends and family members have asked  people to go the website and to each print five copies of the flyer to distribute in the community.

US Bank is offering a reward of $8,000 in conjunction with Crime Stoppers who is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information that leads to the location of Meyers. Please call the Wheat Ridge Police Department Tip Line at 303-235-2947 or to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.


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