Trash fire dumped in Safeway parking lot

DENVER - Firefighters extinguished a burning truckload of trash dumped in a grocery store parking lot Monday morning.

AIRTRACKER7 flew over the fire in the parking lot of the Safeway near Hampden Ave. and Happy Canyon Rd. around 6:40 a.m. and transmitted images of smoke and flames rising from the elongated mound of trash.

The driver, identified by the company as Arvada resident Jeff Williams, sought the open parking lot to empty his truck when he realized it was smoldering. The contents inside the truck was "non-hazardous."

"In accordance with company and general industry protocol, the driver of the Alpine Waste & Recycling truck released the burning load into a safe, open area where the fire could be contained, thus ensuring public safety," wrote Steve Caulk, a spokesman contracted with the company. "The company said the driver’s actions make him a candidate for their 'Driver of the Month' award."

Williams stayed with the truck as it burned and alerted the authorities, the company said.

Firefighters approached the flames a few minutes later. Doused with their hoses, the flames appeared to be extinguished by 6:50 a.m.

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