Toys R Us appeals a $20 million award after Colorado woman's death on pool slide

BOSTON - Toys R Us is appealing a $20 million jury award to the family of a Colorado woman who died using an inflatable in-ground pool slide.

Robin Aleo, of Louisville, Colo.,  was attending a pool party in Andover, Mass. in 2006 when she slid head first down a "Banzai" slide sold by Wayne, N.J.-based Toys R Us. The slide partially collapsed and she slammed her head on the concrete pool deck. Aleo died the next day.

The slide had an instruction manual and small warning label near the climbing footholds that said the weight limit was 200 pounds, but the safety standard required that slides should be able to support up to 350 pounds. Aleo weighed 148 pounds, according to testimony at the trial.

In 2011, Toys R Us was ordered to pay Aleo's family $20.6 million. The company will now go before Massachusetts’ highest court Monday to appeal the decision.

During trial, lawyers for Aleo's family said the slide didn't comply with federal safety standards.

Toys R Us' attorneys say the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulation cited by Aleo's family only applies to rigid slides, not inflatable ones.

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