Tornado touches down near Blackstone Country Club in Aurora

AURORA, Colo. -  

When tornado sirens began to blare in Aurora, Paul Cleveland and two other people were still on their golf cart at Blackstone Country Club trying to make their way to safety.

“It was pretty scary,” Cleveland told 7NEWS. “Seeing the tornado and knowing we were stuck in the middle. We knew we couldn’t go back, so we just had to go through it.”

Cleveland says the twister lifted the golf cart off the ground, then slammed it back down.

He says all three people onboard were knocked to the ground.

“I got up and looked at the caddy who was driving,” he said. “His head was under the tire.”

Cleveland said the caddy suffered a nasty gash on his head and a severe fracture to one his wrists.

“The bone was sticking out,” he said.

Just a few feet away, neighbors who were watching and recording the twister saw two of the victims yell for help.

“They were yelling, ‘Call 911. Call 911.’ So I ran into the house yelling, ‘someone get a phone and call 911,’” Keri Saccomano said.

Saccomano and her father, Michael Celentano, jumped over their fence and ran to the golf cart.

“I grabbed my first aid kit,” Saccomano said. “I could still hear my instructors suggestions from my first aid class.”

Saccomano said they helped lift the cart off the injured victim, and tried not to move him.

Celentano, a law enforcement officer from Florida, said it took the ambulance longer than it should have to find the injured parties because they were in an area of the golf course that was fenced off from the nearest road.

“They drove by,” he said. “We were yelling, trying to wave them over.”

He said once the first responders got there, they evaluated the victim and helped him walk to the ambulance.

Capt. Diane Lord of the Aurora Fire Department told 7NEWS that none of the injuries appeared to be life threatening.

Celentano says he’s never seen storm clouds like the ones he saw in Aurora today.

He says he watched as the rotation grew stronger.

He says he initially thought that some of the white items swirling around in the wind were a flock of birds.

“Then, as it started getting closer to the house and the golf course,” he said, “we could see that it was paper and debris and tree limbs and stuff.”

The winds knocked over two nearby trailers that were tethered to the ground.

Construction trailer empty when it overturned in Aurora.

— April Schildmeyer (@Aschildmeyer) June 8, 2014

There was minor damage to one house, according to 7NEWS Producer April Schildmeyer.

Downed tree and a couple broken garage door panes from severe #cowx on 18th hole of golf course.

— April Schildmeyer (@Aschildmeyer) June 8, 2014

Blackstone was hosting a junior golf tournament when the wicked weather moved in.  A witness told 7NEWS that the man in the golf cart who was injured is the father of one of the players.


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