Wind damage reported in Eads in southeast Colorado

DENVER - Damaging winds hit the southeast Colorado community of Eads Thursday evening, but no injuries were reported.

The winds hit about 6:30 p.m., knocking out power for 90 minutes and affecting 800 residents, said Nancy McCain with Kiowa County Emergency Management Services told 7NEWS.  She said it was initially thought to be the result of a tornado.

McCain said two homes were damaged and power was knocked out to the communities of Brandon, Sheridan Lake and Towner.  Emergency crews were working to restore power.

"A line of thunderstorms raced across Eastern Colorado at 6 p.m., producing hail up to 1 inch and damaging winds," said 7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson. "In reviewing the atmospheric conditions, it is more likely that the damage was caused by straight-line winds and not a tornado."

He said the line went directly over Eads. It was in western Kansas by 7:30 p.m. and stretched from South Dakota, across Nebraska and Kansas and into the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.

Eads is the county seat of Kiowa County.

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