Toddlers left in SUV near Powderhorn Ski Area -- Tyler Jensen, William Jensen -- died of overheating

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - The coroner says two small boys who died after being left alone in a SUV in November died from hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia is overheating of the body, according to a news release from the coroner's office.

Four-year-old Tyler and 2-year-old William were found unconscious after their mother left them alone in her running Toyota 4-runner, parked near the Powderhorn Ski Resort on November 27.

Heather Jensen told police she had left her children for approximately 90 minutes while she was meeting a male friend, according to search warrant affidavit obtained by the Daily Sentinel newspaper.

William was pronounced dead at the scene. Tyler was flown to Children's Hospital in Aurora where he later died.

The Mesa County Coroner determined the deaths of the children were an accident.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office sent their case to the District Attorney on December 28th. 

Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger called it a complicated case, which is why he hasn't made up his mind about filing charges against the mother.

"It would be unethical for me to file charges in a case that I know I can't get a conviction," Hautzinger said.

Hautzinger said part of the problem is the fact that the coroner ruled the deaths accidental.

"I don't think we've ever filed homicide charges in a case in which the coroner has ruled a death accidental," he said.

Hautzinger said he might make up his mind on charges, at the earliest, in a week.

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