Tip posted on 'Highlands Mommies' blog leads Denver Police to arrest 3 for heroin and cocaine

DENVER - Don't mess with mommy.

A blog posted on the "Highlands Mommies" website led Denver Police to bust three people for drugs, including heroin and cocaine.

On Monday, a mom in the Highlands neighborhood wrote a post about being suspicious of drug deals near her home:

"Hi Mommas, for many months now, I've witnessed what appears to be drug deals going on outside of my home. A buyer will park their car and wait for the dealer to arrive. S/he then jumps in the dealers car and they do one lap around the block before returning to their own car and speeding away. I once witnessed this happen right in front of Pferdesteller Park as children played, and on another occasion witnessed the buyer examining their purchases from my living room window after a purchase. The dealer is in a white SUV, and while I've relayed information on plates and car descriptions of buyers to the police. I haven't been quick enough to get the license plates on that speedy dealer. If you see any suspicious vehicles parking, changing cars and returning quickly to their vehicle before speeding away, please report the incident to the police. It's hard to catch deals that literally happen 'on the move,' but if we can provide descriptions of the cars and times, we might be able to get them out of our neighborhood. Has anyone else seen this going on? Thanks for looking out!"

Someone from the blog forwarded the post to Denver Police and within 24 hours, surveillance was set up at the park.

Police made two arrests on Tuesday and one more on Wednesday.

On Thursday afternoon, police posted an update on the blog, letting the moms know that heroin and cocaine we found during the arrest.

"District 1 and the Denver Police Department would like to thank the Highland Mommies and a concerned citizen for helping us catch drug dealers in the West Highland neighborhood. District 1 was alerted by the group known as the Highland Mommies and a citizen of the neighborhood that there was drug dealing around one of the parks in the West Highland neighborhood. Officer Reiner quickly responded to their concerns by setting up surveillance in the area. During the surveillance, Officer Reiner observed a drug deal go down and quickly made contact with two involved individuals. Heroin and Cocaine were recovered from the suspects and they were arrested. The next day Officer Reiner located and arrested a third suspect who was in possession of a substantial amount of Heroin.

It is because of vigilant and engaged residents like the Highland Mommies and the West Highland citizen that helped keep our city safe for everyone to live work and play. Thank You!"

The mom who wrote the post is out of town, but late Thursday night she texted 7NEWS reporter Marshall Zelinger, "I am so grateful for the quick action taken by the DPD and for Highlands Mommies for helping to keep watch. This is one of those times when social media has helped a community to come together to keep its members safe."

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