Timeline & locations of police pursuit of carjacking suspect through Denver metro area

DENVER - This is a rough timeline of the police pursuit Wednesday morning of the man suspected of stealing a red sport utility vehicle with a child inside.

6:20 a.m.: 1750 Main St. in Longmont --  A  red SUV with a child inside is stolen from a Bradley gas station.

7:15 a.m.: SB I-25 near 120th:  AIRTRACKER7 spots the red Ford Edge on southbound I-25 with police vehicles, with lights flashing, pursuing.  He is swerving in and out of traffic and driving on the shoulder.

7:18 a.m.: SB I-25 and 104th: Suspect appears to exit at 104th Avenue but then swerves back onto the crowded highway.

7:20 a.m.: SB I-25 and Thornton Parkway. Red SUV exits highway at Thornton Parkway just as three police vehicles enter highway. He continues on Thornton Parkway and winds through several side streets, running red lights and swerving across lanes.

7:25 a.m.: Suspect goes the wrong way through several side streets narrowly missing vehicles, including a school bus.

7:27 a.m.: He drives into an industrial lot and does a big loop to get out.

7:29 a.m.: E-470 -- He gets stuck in a parking lot and drives down grassy embankment to enter E-470.

7:39 a.m.:  E-470 and 152nd/Frontage road off  Eagle -- Suspect jumps out of stolen red SUV and carjacks a gold minivan he had stopped.

7:40 a.m:  I-76 --  Suspect in gold minivan heads south, going wrong way on northbound I-76.

7:41 a.m.:  Exits at 136th Avenue heading west

7:43 a.m.: Goes south on Highway 85

7:44 a.m.:  Exits Nome Street going north

7:44 a.m.: Takes E-470 exit going south

7:48 a.m. E-470 and 96th Ave. --  An officer blocking the 96th Avenue exit throws out stop sticks but was unsuccessful in stopping the gold minivan, which swerves to avoid the exit and the sticks.

7:49 a.m.: Goes past Pena Blvd. southbound

7:53 a.m.:  Goes past I-70, still on E-470

7:57 a.m. Passes Quincy weaving in and out of cars

8:01 a.m.: Goes past Parker Road exit  

8:03 a.m.:  E-470 just past the Chambers Road exit  -- Suspect hits Colorado State Patrol trooper who was trying to lay down stop sticks.

8:04 a.m.:  Belford just west of Peoria near Liberty (near E-470 and Peoria) -- Suspect exits E-470 at Belford and rams into silver BMW at the intersection. He jumps out of the van, waves his arms around and then jumps back into minivan and takes off.

8:05 a.m.: He rear-ends black Nissan and then sideswipes a silver BMW.  He gets out of the minivan slowly and then yanks the female driver out of her BMW.

8:06 a.m.:  Lincoln and Peoria -- Suspect slams into three vehicles in middle of intersection and gets out of the silver BMW. He runs through a parking lot and sheds his jacket. He tries to climb the fence but then gives up.

8:07 a.m.: 12501 E. Lincoln Ave. --  Police capture suspect, identified Ryan Stone.

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