Three gang members, nine others arrested in connection with prostitution of underage girls

DENVER - Eight people accused of pimping underage girls through a website to "johns" in Colorado now face charges. Four of the alleged "johns" were also arrested.

Some of those arrested are self-reported members of the Crips gang, according to Carolyn Tyler at the Colorado Attorney General's Office.

According to Tyler, the three alleged traffickers who admitted to being gang members are Lawrence Richard Martinez, 22; Reginald James Ryan, 31; and Angela Jeanine Ryan, 42. The others arrested for allegedly being involved with pimping the girls are Robert Kenth Drinkwater-Mills, 19; Lewis Jerome Smith, 42; Mercedes Devon Sanders, 22; Phaedra Lanee Robinson, 42; and Hollie Gene Mintour, 40.

According to the 36-count indictment, the group advertised the girls' services on Ryan is accused of taking the photos of the girls and posting the ads on that site.

"The girls were required to 'walk the track' and engage in street-level prostitution when they were not doing 'out calls' or 'in calls,'" the document said.

Based on the details of the counts in the indictment, it appears there were two child victims. References to "D.R. and/or L.T., a child or children," appear several times.

The document also said Martinez, Drinkwater-Mills, Newbins, Smith and Robinson played a role in recruiting the girls, setting the rates charged for the sex acts, obtaining the hotel rooms, driving the girls to the calls and directing them to "walk the track."

The girls were given cell phones, the indictment said, so they could be monitored and so the group could respond to questions from the "johns."

Ryan, Martinez, Drinkwater-Mills and Newbins were responsible for monitoring the girls and assaulting them if they didn't cooperate, the document said. Additionally, Ryan and Martinez are accused of providing drugs to the girls and requiring at least one of the girls to carry illegal drugs for the crime ring.

Sanders is accused of driving the girls to the "out calls" where they performed sex acts for money and Mintour is accused of loaning her car for that purpose.

According to Tyler, the four accused "johns" are Hayatullah Khazi, 28; Grant Richard Schoengarth, 32; Richard Neil Gottbreht, 63; and Nathan Theodore Hom, 36.

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