Threat rumors at Thornton High School, Prairie View High School spark increased police presence

DENVER - Thornton High School and Prairie View High School had an increased police presence on Thursday because of threatening rumors.

-- Thornton High School

Adams 12 school district officials told 7NEWS they were informed of the threat involving Thornton High School around 10:15 p.m. on Wednesday and were working with Thornton Police to investigate the source.

The threats warned of a shooting at the school at 10 a.m. on Thursday, according to a letter Principal Johnny Terrell sent to parents.

"They [Thornton Police] do not believe it to be a credible threat," Joe Ferdani, Director of Communications with the Adams 12 School District told 7NEWS. "We do, as a precaution, have increased police presence at the school."

Ferdani said parents were notified just before 7 a.m. on Thursday about the threat, that is was being investigated and that Thornton High School planned to hold its regular class schedule with an increased police presence.

-- Prairie View High School

Brighton 27J School District officials told 7NEWS they were informed of a potential threat involving Prairie View High School on Thursday morning.

"We have not received any actual threat, so at this point, we are viewing these rumors as unsubstantial," said Kevin Denke, Public Information Office.

Denke said the school has increased security.

While the school is not on lockout, Denke said all visitors are being checked.

Denke said classes are being held as normal.

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