Thornton Police arrest 3 people in theft of Chihuahua at Pet Ranch in Thornton

THORNTON, Colo. - Three people have been arrested in the theft of a puppy at a pet store.

Thornton Police say they arrested two people suspected of stealing the puppy from Pet Ranch, along with the man who returned the puppy eight-and-a-half hours after the photos of the theft first appeared on

Police said that man who returned the puppy is the brother of one of the other suspects.

-- Puppy stolen Sunday

The owner of Pet Ranch told 7NEWS that a man and a woman, with a child in a stroller, came into the store on Sunday and stole a two-and-one-half-month-old Chihuahua puppy, which was priced at $999.

Renee Reese said surveillance video showed the woman was petting two Chihuahuas in a cage when the man walked up, talked to her, then picked up a puppy.

"He shows the puppy to the child in the stroller, they look around, they say something and then they stuff the puppy in the bottom container of the stroller," Reese said after looking at video from the surveillance cameras.

"They cover it, look around, cover it better and started walking out," Reese added.

Reese said the man stopped an employee to ask about another dog, and distract him, while the woman left with the stroller, the child and the puppy.

-- Puppy returned Tuesday

Reese went to the media Tuesday morning about the theft, giving 7NEWS photos of the suspects and telling her story of what happened.

Reese said she has been the victim of the theft before, but was concerned about the health of the stolen puppy if it wasn't properly fed.

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, a man came into the store and returned the puppy, said Thornton Police Department spokesman Matt Barnes.

The man told an employee he had found the puppy in the area of the store on Sunday.

A Pet Ranch employee told 7NEWS, "The puppy is fine. It's in good shape."

-- Suspects arrested

Barnes told 7NEWS Wednesday morning that police had identified a person of interest.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, police said three suspects turned themselves in at the Thornton Police Department.

Officers said they arrested Destry Rocky Patterson, 35, of Commerce City and Stacy Davalos, 26, of Northglenn, on investigation of theft.

Police said they arrested Destry's brother, Phillip Damien Marcum, 27, of Commerce City, for investigation of theft and false reporting to authorities.

"The Thornton Police Department would like to thank the news media for their coverage of the incident and the public’s assistance, which led to several tips identifying the suspect and the eventual recovery of the stolen puppy," officials said.

Police did not release any information about the child, including the child's relationship to the adults who were arrested.

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