Third person 'missing, presumed dead' in Larimer County flooding, Sheriff reports

DRAKE, Colo. - A third person is now "missing, presumed dead" in Larimer County, the sheriff's office reports. The addition is a 46-year-old Drake man whose house washed away.

The Sheriff's Office adds that person to a list that previously included a 60-year-old woman and an 80-year old woman from Cedar Cove. Their homes were also washed away.

No deaths have yet been confirmed in Larimer County.

Dan Waggoner was evacuated from Drake after being stranded there for two days. He and several neighbor's gathered in one family's home that was slightly uphill from the Big Thompson.

From his vantage point, Waggoner could see his own home and the homes of two neighbors who lived upriver from him. The house farthest up river was the first to be flooded.

"At about 3:20 the water reached up to the window level and we started seeing the curtains move inside," Waggoner said. "The house was taken in an instant."

Those neighbors had thought their possessions would be safe upstairs, but the rushing waters "turned it into to toothpicks in a matter of seconds."

One person is believed to have been swept away by the St. Vrain River in Boulder County. He is currently classified among the "unaccounted for" persons in that county.

To date, the Colorado Office of Emergency Management is confirming six deaths. Three are in Boulder County, two in El Paso County and one in Clear Creek County.

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