Thieves target urban farm for copper, brass

Theft leaves farm without irrigation water

DENVER - Thieves are targeting Denver neighborhoods again for copper and brass plumbing parts.      

Wednesday night, Denver's EKAR urban farm in Lowry was victimized.

Thieves cut through thick locks to get to those valuable parts. They stole the copper and brass back flow preventers from the farm.

"For what? $30 or less of brass,” said EKAR Farm executive director Aaron Ney. 

The thieves left the urban farm a mess. High and dry in some areas, flooded in others.

"We were the victims this time," said Ney. "Like many in the Lowry neighborhood.”

Police say it is a growing problem for residents, businesses and farms alike. Thieves who are after copper, brass, any metal that sells.

EKAR Farm is complete with bee hives for honey and crops ranging from corn to cabbage to cucumbers. Having no water Thursday meant the possibility of crops shriveling up under the unrelenting heat.

Fortunately, through word of mouth, Flink Supply Company donated a new back flow preventer Thursday, and Family Man Plumbing installed it.

“It’s humbling, that the folks see the value of our work and respond in a time of need,” said Ney.

EKAR Farm provides about 8,000 pounds of fresh vegetables to food banks in the metro area each summer.

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