Thieves steal Thornton family's Bronco's decorations from front lawn

Historic banners were from Mile High Stadium

DENVER - Inside John Smith's garage, there is a shrine, of sorts, to his favorite team.

"I bleed orange and blue," he said with a laugh. "I have everything in here. I collect."

The outside of his home used to look the same way, with inflatable Broncos players, mini helmets and assorted Broncos decorations to complete the look. 

"Everybody knows us as the Broncos house," said Smith.

But overnight Tuesday, someone took off with everything Broncos related they could carry away -- even their doormat.

"The worst part is the two championship banner," said Smith, who was given the banners when he worked at Mile High Stadium. "They used to hang in the stadium. They were my little piece of history. Everything else can be replaced."

Smith said the thieves also took off with tools and a bicycle... and the extension cord he used to plug in his Broncos lights.

"Someone has to know where our stuff is," said Smith. "I hope they come forward now.  We don't mind if it just shows up in our front yard at midnight."

Still, he said people can steal  his Bronco's gear, but with a Super Bowl less than two weeks away, no one can steal his team spirit.

"I stopped and thought about it, and maybe this is just my sacrifice to the football gods so that  Denver will just destroy Seattle," he said with a smile.

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