Thieves steal Air Jordans that deceased father left for young son

Father collected exclusive Air Jordan shoes

THORNTON, Colo. - A grieving widow is pleading for help after thieves stole her late husband's collection of Air Jordans, which were intended for their young son.

"When they're taking things of his, that's all I have left," said Jimica Perea, whose husband Hondo Morales died unexpectedly Sunday.

Morales had a hobby of collecting exclusive Air Jordan shoes.
"Anytime a new shoe was going to come out, he would stand in line at midnight and wait and hope they have his size by the time they get to him," said Perea. "He just loved Jordans."
But he didn't just buy the shoes for himself. He loved to get matching pairs for his 2-year-old son, Hondo, Jr.
"I was going to save them for my son," said Perea. "He's so young. He's not really going to know his dad, but he would see how his dad dressed him and they had that bond together."
Perea said she planned to put the shoes in storage while she moved in with her mother. But family members left them and other items covered up in the car after a late-night vigil, and thieves seized the opportunity.
Craigslist shows similar shoes listed for hundreds of dollars. Still, the family is hoping someone will come forward with information, or just anonymously give back the shoes.
"Those shoes, that's what my brother did," said Monica Vargas, Morales' sister. "We're never going to get him back, and that was a part of him and now it's gone, too."
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