Thief breaks in through ceiling, steals $250,000 in wedding rings from Plaza Latina jewelry store

Family-owned-and-operated store did have insurance

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. - A man broke in through the air ducts and stole nearly a quarter million dollars in wedding rings from an Adams County jeweler.

The theft happened around 8:00 a.m. Sunday at Plaza Latina, located at 7043 Pecos St.

"I guess he doesn't go to church," said a store employee.

Surveillance video shows the burglary in progress. The thief took nearly every wedding ring in the family-owned-and-operated store.

Video from one of the cameras shows the thief's legs dangling in the upper left hand corner and then the thief drops into frame like a rag doll, is kept upright by some large speakers at his back and then he runs off.

"You can see it looks like he kicked the duct down so that he could get in," said one store employee. "There was fiberglass everywhere from the ceiling. He knew exactly what he was doing. Somehow he knew he was going to fall on top of the speakers."

Another camera angle shows the thief moving from the car audio section of the store to the jewelry section.

Yet another camera angle shows the thief breaking into the jewelry case with the gold and diamond rings, the wedding sets.

He spends nearly two minutes trying to break open the case, then another two minutes putting the rings in his coat, dropping them on the floor, picking them up and then eventually just cleaning out the entire cabinet.

"We lost about $250,000," said a store employee. "It's devastated the owners."

The thief is then caught on camera dumping out a trash can, taking the trash bag, opening the back garage door and making his exit.

"If you needed a job, you were more than welcome to come in and apply," said a store manager who preferred not to be identified. "But - you know - don't steal from us. The people here work very hard. Every family here does."

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