Teen tased at Doherty High School after scuffle with Colorado Springs Police officers

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Police had to use a Taser to subdue a student at a high school in Colorado Springs this week.

Witnesses said the 16-year-old at Doherty High School got upset Monday and overturned a desk.

The school resource officer said when he tried to talk to the teen, the teen ran off.

Police officers were called and helped the SRO take the teen into custody, police said.

However, officers said while they were escorting the teen to a police car, the teen hit an officer in the face with an elbow and there was a scuffle.

"The suspect was escorted to the ground and asked if he was, 'done fighting,'" police said on the Colorado Springs Police website. "The suspect said he was not and continue to struggle at which time he was tased."

Police said the teen then stopped fighting and was taken into custody.

The teen is facing charges of assault, resisting arrest, and interference with staff of an educational institution.

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