Teen abandoned with .40 alcohol level after limousine party in Longmont

LONGMONT, Colo. - Longmont police are trying to determine how a 16-year-old girl got alcohol after she was hospitalized with a blood-alcohol level five times the legal threshold for being under the influence.

Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur said a limousine driver found her abandoned by her friends in the back of the limo.

Satur said the teen was taken by ambulance to Longmont United Hospital. He said her blood-alcohol level was 0.40. Under state law, 0.08 is the threshold for a driving under the influence violation. 

The drunk teenager's blood alcohol content was so high that she could have died, but she was able to get help in time.

"She was slumped over. I picked up her up. And I looked at her and I tried to get her to respond to me," a woman, who only wanted to be identified as Mary, told 7NEWS.

Mary said she saw the teen in the back of the limousine before she was rushed to the hospital.

"She would not respond. Her eyes rolled back in her head," she said.

Police said the limousine was rented by a parent for a 14-year-old girl's birthday party. The group of 13 girls and boys were all juvenile teens and there was no adult chaperone.

Mary's home in Longmont was the last stop of the evening.

"Pop was here for them. Cake was here," she said.

The limo driver, Ron Allen, of The Longest Limos, told 7NEWS if he would have seen booze, the ride would have ended immediately, adding that the teens often closed the partition separating the driver from the passengers.

"And after a while, you just leave it [the partition] up," said Allen.

Police commend the limo driver for immediately calling for help, saying the girl could have died.

"I didn't know they were drinking back there. When the mom dropped them off at our yard in Loveland, they had Coke and Sprite in the back of the limo," said Allen. 

Officers said the person who furnished the alcohol could potentially face charges.

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