Teams rush to divert spring runoff, save homes in Lake County

LAKE COUNTY, Colo. - Firefighters, search and rescue, Public Works crews and community members in Lake County worked together overnight to stop spring runoff from flooding homes.

The teams filled sandbags and built dikes and trenches to divert the water at a housing development south of Highway 24, according to the Lake County Office of Emergency Management.

"This occurred because of the snow melting quickly in the last few days," emergency officials wrote on Facebook. "There was potential risk to several homes. The personnel filled sandbags and placed them to create a damn and diversion so that the water would return to the natural streams and flow into the Arkansas."

"Nothing like filling sandbags in the dark," John Holm wrote on Facebook. "Spring runoff got a bit much in one subdivision tonight."

"Going from snow one day to melting the next!" wrote Helen Holm on Facebook. "Fresh snow melts quickly, of course, though this fell on old snow which usually helps it be stable. Hopefully no damage to homes or contents!"

Lake County's OEM shared several photos taken by John Holm. In one photo, there's several inches of snow on the side of a ditch, while water flows through the middle of the ditch.

"The quick work of all involved prevented the houses from flooding," officials tweeted Tuesday morning. "The problem has been mitigated."

Emergency workers are asking residents, "to look around your property for ice dams and clogged drainage ditches as we experience continued warm weather."

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