Tea party activists rally outside Denver IRS office

DENVER - Tea party activists rallied outside the IRS office in Denver to protest IRS scrutiny of conservative groups.

About 50 people held signs and listened to speakers at Tuesday's event. Dozens of others dropped by for a few minutes to show support, and some drivers passing by the downtown building honked their horns in solidarity.

Protesters took turns speaking with a megaphone, occasionally eliciting cheers or brief chants from a generally calm crowd.

One of the signs said: "Hey IRS, Know what, I pray about? I pray for a, Gov't that treats, citizens in, a just, manner! [sic]"

Another said: "Less government, more freedom."

Others called for the president to be fired.

The event was organized by the chair of the Arapahoe County Tea Party as part of a national call to action. Other rallies were planned in Durango, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

At least four Colorado groups encountered delays and additional paperwork in filing for non-profit status.

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