Swastika, evil smiley face adorn violent letter confiscated from Evan Ebel in 2006

DENVER - A letter written by the man now suspected of killing Colorado's prison chief was adorned with a swastika and contained a fantasy about torturing and killing prison guards.

In the confiscated 2006 letter, Evan Ebel also asks a female pen pal to memorize the personal information about prison guards who were bothering her at her facility.

Ebel was fatally shot last month during a gunfight in Texas just days after the Colorado murders of Tom Clements and delivery driver Nate Leon.

In the letter, he wrote that the two guards he fantasized about hurting worked the tower. Ebel said the two guard played "all types of little kid games, jacking you for your phone calls and turning the shower off on you."

After a few expletives, Ebel wrote about his fantasy.

"I just fantasize about catching them out on the bricks and subjecting them to vicious torture and eventual murder," Ebel said about the guards. "That seems to get me through the days (with) a good degree of my sanity remaining."

The letter is written in a narrow column, entirely in capital letters. Many apparent mistakes are scratched out.

It is written to a woman named Shawna, who appears to be an inmate at another facility. Ebel references her experience with the guards and asks if they were trying to "put hands" on her.

He advised her to memorize their full names, addresses and other information and wrote, "We'll go ahead and add that to our long list of fun."

That line was punctuated by a doodle of a face with inward-slanting eyebrows mimicking an angry or mischievous face.

The letter, confiscated in November 2006, was submitted as people's exhibit No. 1 during Evan Ebel's 2008 sentencing hearing for punching a guard. According to a transcript, Deputy District Attorney Bryan Hunt called the letter "almost proof positive that in all this time, after all these cases, he hasn't changed his mind in any way."

As a result of that sentencing, Ebel was supposed to have four years added to his prison term. Because of a court error, however, he was allowed to serve those four years simultaneously with his existing sentence.

The letter was signed, in all capital letters:






A post script asking the woman to "bring on" the sexual letters was punctuated by an exclamation point with a swastika instead of a dot.

Read the unedited letter: http://ch7ne.ws/Z2tYjV

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