Suspects smash into cars during police chase

Two arrested in connection to earlier stabbing

DENVER - Two men were arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase through downtown Denver Saturday afternoon.

The pair was wanted in connection with a stabbing that occurred earlier in the afternoon near 22nd Street and Arapahoe Avenue, said Denver police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez.

Denver police spotted the white pickup driven by the suspects in downtown shortly after 3 p.m., less than an hour after the stabbing.


Lopez said officers began following the vehicle before it took off. While speeding away from police the pickup caused a chain reaction crash near 29th Street and Brighton Boulevard.

Victim Kaycee Goggin was in one of the cars that was struck. She said that the suspect's pickup truck rammed into an SUV. That SUV then crossed the center median and struck the vehicle Goggin was riding in.

"I'm just glad neither my grandma nor I are hurt," Goggin said.

The SUV wound up on its side, but passenger Paul Schenck said he and his friend were slightly shaken but unhurt.

"It happened so quickly and your endorphins are going," he said. "It's crazy."

The pickup was stopped by police near 42nd Street and Brighton Boulevard after officers performed a PIT maneuver, disabling the truck.

Lopez said the two suspects in the truck were taken to Denver Health Medical Center as a precaution before they will be booked into Denver Jail. They have not been identified.

Lopez said investigators are still determining why the stabbing happened. The victim suffered serious injuries.

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