Suspects in chase and cop shooting may be related to other Wednesday shooting incidents

Police: 1 suspect dead, 3 arrested, 1 at large

DENVER - A police chase and shooting is related to at least one crime earlier in the day. Five suspects were involved in the chase through parts of Denver, during which an officer was shot.

"Late morning, we did receive information from Adams County of a vehicle involved in somewhat of a mini crime spree. It’s the vehicle that we eventually stopped," said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

Thornton Police Department spokesman Matt Barnes confirmed the connection, saying the incident in his jurisdiction happened at 11:26 a.m. At that time, officers were sent to the 2400 block of East 101st Way after reports of an armed man threatening another man and a woman with a handgun.

Barnes said the incident happened at the same address that a 4-month-old baby died earlier Wednesday morning.  He said there was nothing suspicious about the infant's death. Additionally, there was no known relationship between man who brandished the weapon and the victim.

Barnes said the suspect fled in a red pickup truck with at least two others, a male and a female. Police agencies were alerted to be on the lookout.

Police radio chatter indicates the series of events may also have involved one or more of the suspects shooting near kids.

According to recordings of radio traffic provided by, at least two people were wanted for shooting a handgun earlier Wednesday at three locations in the metro area. One of those incidents was an area in Montbello near a school and a church.

Denver Police were alerted around 3:10 p.m. to a red Dodge pickup truck with potential suspects who may have fired shots in different cities.

"They're suspects in a felony menacing out of Thornton with shots fired. They've also fired shots in District 5 at 12:48 this afternoon and in Aurora," can be heard on the radio recordings.

The chatter referenced a report out of Montbello, a Denver suburb.

"Woman calling this in says there's a party in a pickup shooting a handgun at kids. Unknown if anyone's shot," can be heard just after 12:48 p.m.

"They said the male shot at two black males, about 12-to-13 years old that took off running westbound."

7NEWS has checked the background of two potential suspects, both with criminal histories dating back two decades to when they were 18. One suspect is 34-years-old and has a record that includes assaults, theft and several charges for obstruction of police. The other is 37-years-old and his record includes weapons charges and menacing.

Our investigators are still digging in to those and other suspects, but 7NEWS has decided not to publish any names until they are officially confirmed to be suspects.

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