Suspected counterfeiter leaves wallet behind in taxi, DPD says

DENVER - Are you Javarris Smith? Denver police have your wallet after you tried to pay a taxi driver with a counterfeit bill.

That's the message Denver police posted on its Facebook  page Thursday with a picture of the wallet.

Police said the 23-year-old man took a ride in a taxi Wednesday night and paid the cabbie with what was believed to be a counterfeit bill. When the taxi driver gave him some change back, the man grabbed back the bill he paid with and fled.

But he dropped his wallet in the car on the way out.

The taxi driver recovered it and reported the crime to the Denver Police Department, who wrote about the incident with the headline, "Doh! Thief leaves wallet behind."

They also posted this: "SPECIAL MESSAGE: Javarris Smith, age 23, we have your wallet. You can go to any police district office to discuss the matter."

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