Suspect in hit-and-run that killed Jason Grimmer in Longmont on New Year's Eve says she's innocent

LONGMONT, Colo. - An 18-year-old Longmont woman who was arrested after a fatal hit-and-run crash on New Year's Eve says she was not involved in the accident.

Kendra Rae Balentine was arrested after 16-year-old Jason Grimmer of Denver was hit and killed in Longmont while he was running from a fight. Investigators say the woman was related to some of the people involved in the scuffle.

But Balentine says she was at church playing games among 30 other church members when the accident occurred -- an account backed up by her pastor, according to the Longmont-Times Call.

"They made a false arrest. My daughter cannot be there. She was at church, which I told the Longmont Police Department," Balentine's mother, Stephanie Balentine, told 7NEWS.

Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur says Balentine's car has damage consistent with hitting the boy, and investigators say tread from the tires on the car also matched tracks on the scene.

DNA evidence collected from the vehicle has been sent to the state's crime lab.

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