Suspect arrested in theft of 10 loads of laundry from Greeley laundromat

GREELEY, Colo. - The woman suspected of stealing five loads of a family's laundry from a dryer at a Greeley Laundromat is under arrest.

The suspect, identified as Mary Asebedo, 31, was allegedly captured on surveillance video unloading a dryer at the Speed-O-Mat Laundry in Greeley.

"Those are my towels," Crystal Martin, a mother of five, said while watching the surveillance video with 7NEWS.

Strangely, Asebedo is suspected of sticking around to tell Martin she had seen the thief.

The next day, the suspect called Martin, confessing and promising to give the clothes back if she wasn't arrested. Martin said someone even dropped off a load of towels at the laundromat and at an abandoned house, but the clothes were never returned.

“The Greeley PD just called and said they picked her up and she's in jail. She's denying having any kids clothes, but it means the world to us even just knowing she was caught," Martin said in a Facebook message to 7NEWS reporter Jaclyn Allen.

Asebedo is charged with felony theft.

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