Suspect allegedly left scene of major accident blocking roads east of Capitol

DENVER - A major accident was reported Tuesday morning at E. 13th Ave. and Lafayette St. in Denver, with police on the scene.

Denver police said that the car believed to be the cause of the crash was stolen, and ended up mangled on top of another car.

"I was just headed down 13th, headed to work and somebody ran the stop sign there and hit me," said Bohnm Johnson, who was in a car that was hit.

The suspect is believed to be a black male and may be armed. Police also believe that he may have removed some of his clothing, which was found in an alley nearby immediately after the crash.

"I see some guy get out and run, headed toward the alley," Johnson said. "I was still kind of shocked when I got hit, I spun around."

"My car moved probably 10 yards backwards with the parking brake on," said Mark Lewis, who said he was awoken by the sound of the crash.

Police said that the incident began at 1221 Pearl Street, where they responded after receiving a call of a man with a gun inside a tan-colored SUV. Police attempted to pull the car over but the driver took off in his vehicle. Police did not pursue him at that time for safety reasons.

Witnesses said that the SUV barreled through the intersection at E. 13th Ave. and Lafayette St., hitting a white Subaru and two parked cars before landing on top of a blue Subaru.

"It hit that tree. Took out the tree," said Keith Spencer who lives in the area. "Then it hit the stop sign, then it hit this Element, went over that somehow. And then ended up right there."

When police arrived on the scene, a female passenger who had allegedly been riding in the hit-and-run vehicle was found lying on the ground with serious bodily injuries. She was transported to a local hospital and 7NEWS was told she may not survive her injuries.

Law enforcement set up a perimeter and are canvassing the area around the crash in a search for the suspect. 

The crash is approximately 11 blocks east of the Capitol and the area around E. 13th Ave. and Lafayette St. will be blocked off for quite a while as the investigation and crash cleanup takes place.

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