Surveillance video shows car apparently being stolen by tow truck driver outside Denver home

7NEWS confirms police, public works didn't tow car

DENVER - A tow truck driver is caught on surveillance video apparently stealing a car outside the owner's Denver home.

A red 1988 Chevy Caprice is missing from the home near Cherry Creek Drive South and Holly Street. Surveillance video from a neighbor's home captured the car being towed away.

"Our vehicle is 100 percent paid for in cash. There is absolutely -- never was -- any liens on that vehicle," said Brandy Roby. Her brother, a miltary veteran, owns the car.

"He went to Iraq twice and that's what he purchased with that money. I just feel horrible about it," Roby said.

7NEWS checked with Denver Police, the Denver County Sheriff's Office and Denver Public Works; none of the agencies had the car towed.

"It does not look like a legitimate tow," said Roby.

The vehicle has been in front of the house for years. It was even captured on Google Maps in front of the home, with a protective tarp covering it.

"It's a summer vehicle," Roby said. "It is a vehicle that is not driven. It's a classic. It is only pulled out on certain days and for car shows."

Denver Public Works told 7NEWS it only tows vehicles after three unpaid parking tickets. A boot is placed on the vehicle three months after the third unpaid ticket. Then, the agency gives the owner three days notice by mail and on the window of the vehicle before the car is finally towed.

The surveillance video shows the tow truck driver parked across the street for a couple of minutes. The driver then goes up the street and turns back around, parking in front of the Caprice. The driver looks around the vehicle and removes the tarp.

"Once he took the tarp off, he attempted to enter the vehicle through several doors," said Roby.

The vehicle has an added security feature -- the steering wheel comes out. Roby still has the steering wheel.

"Without this, there's nothing you can do," said Roby. "You put it in and lock it, and then there's a key to release it."

7NEWS tried freezing the video and zooming in on the side of the tow truck to get the name, but was unable to get a good quality image.

Roby randomly called a few tow truck companies, but has yet to find the car.

"It has to have happened somewhere (else) and somebody knows something," said Roby.

Denver police detectives are investigating this as a potential crime.

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