Super Bowl 48 tickets range from $3K to $565K

Accomodations expected to go quickly

DENVER - Are you looking for tickets and a hotel for Super Bowl 48? 

Get ready to shell out at least $3,100 for one ticket on the upper deck.  The prices go up from there. shows only one ticket for $3,100, so it will probably be gone by the time you read this. 

The highest priced ticket still available? has a Level 3, 30-person suite on sale for $565,791.  But remember, that's for 30 people.

Stubhub's highest-priced single ticket was $4,096.60 on Sunday night.

CU Denver economist Woody Eckard says prices are steep, because the market dictates that demand.

"The stadium capacity is tiny to compared to the excess demand," said Eckard.

Metlife Stadium in New Jersey can hold more than 82-thousand people -- but consider it's location on the east coast. For millions of fans, it's only a one day to drive to get to the game, making it virtually guaranteed someone will buy the tickets.

"They're probably being nice guys with the current prices," said Eckard. "They could probably charge a lot more and my guess is the reason they don't:  public relations." predicts ticket prices will decline, based on the combined lengthy distance Denver and Seattle fans will have to travel to attend the Super Bowl.  It's the longest distance to the game for Super Bowl cities in the last five years. 

Ticket websites and also expect prices to decline as the Super Bowl date gets closer.

"As it stands now, the prevailing floor price for Super Bowl XLVIII tickets exceeds what we've seen for any other recent Super Bowl by more than $500. Based on transactions we’ve seen so far, we've yet to see a SB XLVIII ticket sell for under $2,000. That’s more than $500 more expensive than the cheapest ticket sold by the night of the conference championships for the past three Super Bowls," SeatGeek stated Sunday night.

Always buy Super Bowl tickets from a reputable source. Beware of lower priced tickets sold on places like  They may be counterfeits.  If it sounds like a really good deal, ask yourself why someone would sell Super Bowl tickets so cheaply when others are selling for much higher prices?

-- Airfare & Accommodations --

Booking availability is expected to go quickly, according to air booking data. So, just in time for Broncos and Seahawks fans, booking last-minute trips to the Super Bowl, 

While most hotels near the stadium are full, there are a handful of rooms still available -- with an average daily rate of $473 for a three night-minimum stay. In New York, there is still availability in Soho, Times Squares, Financial District, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and some pockets of Midtown with average prices for a three night minimum staying ranging from $150 to upwards of $795 per night. Fans’ best bet will be a hotel in the Times Square neighborhood of Manhattan, thanks to competitive prices and close proximity to public transportation out to the Meadowlands for the Big Game.

To get there, fans will pay an average of $313 (up 58 percent from last year) and $443 (up 45 percent from last year) from Denver area airports and Seattle area airports into NY/NJ airports respectively, based on air bookings.

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