Super Bowl dilemma: Picking up big game tickets proves a challenge for some Broncos lottery winners

DENVER - For some season ticket holders who were picked in the Broncos lottery, getting their tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII may not be as easy as you might expect.

Those who were selected in the Broncos Super Bowl ticket lottery received a congratulatory letter from the team to let them know they were granted access to buy tickets to the big game.

But with strict rules and a tight deadline, one winning  family told 7NEWS that they needed perseverance along with their payment.

Matt Hill thought he had it figured out.

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"So I go down there, stand in line and present basically this letter," said Hill.

His father had been selected in the ticket lottery.

However, Hill’s 85-year-old dad winters in Arizona. So Hill went down to Sports Authority Field and stood in the ticket line on behalf of his father.

Hill said he presented the ticket agent a notarized letter, a copy of his father driver's license and credit card information, but was rejected at the window.

"In the letter, it says you can send a (representative) down to claim the tickets with proof of payment," said Hill.

As it turns out, you can send representative to pay for your tickets, but only the season ticket holder can pick up the tickets -- either in Denver this week or in New Jersey next week.

Hill said he also had the invoice confirming his dad had already paid for his tickets.

"They said, 'too bad,'" said Hill.

According to Hill, the Broncos ticket agent said, “I'm going to hold firm. We are absolutely not changing the policy."

Hill isn't alone in his frustration. 7News has heard from other Broncos season ticket holders with similar issues.

Hill said the weighted lottery rewarded many elderly season ticket holders, which he believes was fair.

However, he said the Broncos were ill-prepared for issues associated with that.

"Their unique customer base right there has other challenges," said Hill.

Hill’s father is planning to fly back to Denver immediately from Tucson just to claim the tickets himself.

"Last night, he booked the airfare. So I’m going to pick him up," Hill said.

He said his father and his dad’s wife are leaving for New York late next week, so they run the risk of missing their window pick up the tickets in New Jersey.

No tickets will be handed out on Super Bowl Sunday.

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