Subway tip jar theft caught on tape

Employees say woman used stolen tips to pay bill

AURORA, Colo. - She stole money out of a tip jar at a Subway sandwich shop, then paid for her sandwiches with the stolen money, according to employees.

It happened at the Subway near East Mississippi Avenue and South Buckley Road in Aurora last week, and it was all caught on camera.

The employees working say they knew she did it, but they couldn't prove it until they saw the video.

They didn't want to make a scene, so they allowed the woman to pay for her sandwiches and leave.

The video shows the woman with her wallet out, as her sandwich is being finished. She tells the Subway employee to go ahead and make the other sandwiches before she pays. Then, she snatches a wad of one dollar bills from the tip jar, makes sure no one is watching and goes back in for more.

"She’s a regular here," said Subway employee Cameron Scoman. "I recognized her, she recognized me. I made her sandwich the last time she was in here. She came in with her daughter and grandson.”

Scoman was working, along with his colleague Sara Altermott.  Altermott is the one seen in the video making the sandwich then going back to make more sandwiches.

“This lady comes through and she makes it clear that she’s only paying for one sandwich, the very first sandwich,” said Altermott. "But after she stole the money, she was happy to pay for her daughter and grandson."

“And from the video you can see that she put it in (a pocket in her purse), and then when she paid, she paid from the same pocket," said Scoman. "So she ended up paying for the sandwiches with the tip money that she stole.”

The video was posted on Youtube on March 13, and it touched a nerve with other regular customers at that Subway.

“I felt something needed to be said,” said a woman named Annie, who tipped off 7NEWS about the video online. “Whether it is a thousand dollars or two dollars, it’s not right.”

“We work for that money," said Scoman. "It’s something we look forward to at the end of the shift.”

“It’s a few dollars that we work hard for," said Altermott. “They tip me because I made a nice sandwich or because of the conversation we had.”

“It’s just basically like stealing money out of our pockets,” said Scoman.

The manager said if the woman returns, they will politely refuse to serve her. They did not file a police report because they say only about $20 was taken.

"I feel like she owes us a 'thank you' at least, for buying her family supper," said Altermott.


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